Antwerp Space N.V

Antwerp Space (AS) is a leading company in Belgium, active in the field of satellite communications. The company established in 1962 as a division within the Alcatel Bell group. Antwerp Space is acquired by German OHB-SE Company in 2010 with the main focus on the European space technology projects covering a wide range of satellite missions:

  • Satellite communication subsystems
  • System requirement of advance Radars
  • Satellite RF & communication equipment
  • Optical frequency generation for satellites
  • Optical frequency conversion for satellites
  • Telecom payload technology
  • Satellite ground stations and equipment

Antwerp Space has gained substantial expertise in international project management and control for space technology projects, including co- and subcontract responsibilities. Today, as a member of Europe’s third-biggest satellite integrator prime – the OHB-Group – Antwerp Space is orienting the company strategy to advanced flight RF equipment, including Radar, and communications payloads.

The keyword in Antwerp Space activities is RF technology, in all its aspects (communication,RFI, Radar). The company’s activities span all levels of program participation: from Prime or main contractor-ship down to equipment level.  As part of the design & development strategy, new technologies like photonics, that bring in new capabilities or significant cost/SWaP saving for its field of activities (Communication, RFI, Radar) are constantly evaluated and, if useful, integrated into the technology portfolio.”

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